South India : bellin 1752


Southern India
Bellin, Nicolaus

Fortsetzung der Karte von Indostan II. Blatt, welche die Halb-Insel in sich begreift. Zur allgemeinen Geschichte der Reisen.

Leipzig, Merkur 1758 [22 x 24,5 cm]
Copper engraving, uncolored as published. Decorative map of Southern India with the neighboring Sri Lanka (Ceylon). With many engraved place names, rivers and mountains. Below the title a small mileage scale. Detailled and interesting map engraved by Bellin after earlier voyages.

I think I have this map, but certainly not with this cartouche. I would have remembered it.

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2 Responses to “South India : bellin 1752”

  1. prathibha nandakumar says:

    sir, I am very impressed by your collection. I chanced upon your site when i was searching for the maps of epic india and i found this ( of course it is a newly created map. there is also a map to compare with this ( I am looking for the region that was called KARNATA and Mahishamandala during Mahabharata times.I am from bangalore. prathibha nandakumar

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