SDUK Ceylon : 1830 Steel engraved


Indian I and Ceylon – Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

London, Baldwin & Cradock, September 1831 [26,3 x 34 cm]
Steel engraving, hand colored in outline when published. This highly decorative map shows India and Ceylon with the Gulf of Manaar.

I have at least two of this series; one is a set of 8 maps and other one is about 5.

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One Response to “SDUK Ceylon : 1830 Steel engraved”

  1. Candice Lee says:

    Hi Sunny,

    I am an assistant producer from Infocus Asia, a documentary production house based in Singapore.

    I am currently producing a series for National Geographic, about urban legends around Asia. My current episode is on the port of Diu, India.

    I was searching for historical archives and maps of Diu and India, as well as old nautical maps and trade routes, and came across your blog of Antique Indian Maps Collection.

    It’s really cool knowing someone who collects maps because of passion!

    I wanted to enquire if you would be keen to source some of your maps to us for the show? I would love to use some of these maps in the show as archives for some of our scenes, to aid in telling the historical stories of Diu and India.

    How it would work is, we need only the high res soft copy version of the maps, we could print them out on our end to be used during filming. In return we will credit you in the show in the endshow credits together with the contributors – this production is airing on All Media, Worldwide and In Perpetuity on the National Geographic channel.

    Thank you,
    look forward to hearing from you!

    Infocus Asia

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