Mumbai – Bombay from 1893


I have much much better map of Mumbai/Bombay from this time frame. In fact it is one of my most favorite maps in my collection. It is made from the same plate but was published by a hotel in Bombay. I’ll post it one of these days.

But this is a delightful map. A map of a city that has grown by leaps and bound is always interesting to see and this one is a prime example of it.

Here is a contemporary map of Bombay by a cartographer named Google, you might have heard of him!


I have lined up Cross Island at approximately the same place for easy comparison.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the water is a lot bluer in 2011 compared to 1893.. just kidding.

Things have changed a lot from 1893 to 2011, but if you compare these maps, you’ll see that things have also remained the same during that time.

I also have one of the earliest images of Bombay Stock Exchange, I think it is from 1874 or close to it.

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