Not a map per se, but an intersting print for sure. It actually comes from an atlas, I wanted to see this atlas but haven’t really found it yet.


This plate shows Emperors from India (Mogul Empire). Tamberlan (died 1405), Miracha / Miraschac (died 1451), Mohamed / Miramont (died 1451), Abuchaid / Abuzaid (died 1469).

: This original old antique print / plate originates from the fifth volume of: ‘Atlas Historique…’ (Historic Atlas…), Published by Zacharie Chatelain, Amsterdam, 1732. The atlas was published in seven volumes between 1705 and 1720, with a second edition appearing in 1732. The maps were accompanied by information pertaining to cosmography, geography, history, chronology, genealogy, topography, heraldry, and costumes of the world. The maps in the Atlas Historique were mainly based on those of the French cartographer, Guillaume De L’Isle, but were presented by the Chatelains in an encyclopaedic form.

Artists and Engravers: Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743), his father Zacharie Chatelain (d.1723) and Zacharie Junior (1690-1754), worked as a partnership publishing the Atlas Historique, Ou Nouvelle Introduction A L’Histoire under several different Chatelain imprints, depending on the Chatelain family partnerships at the time of publication.

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One Response to “MOGUL EMPERORS INDIA Chatelain 1732”

  1. Anshumalin D. Shah says:

    Great collection, Mr Kalara !!
    I was looking for old Indian Maps to trace the route my ancestors would have to taken to migrate from North Gujarat (of today) to southern Maharashtra almost two hundred years ago. That’s when I chanced upon your blog.
    This was part of my endeavour to give a detail input along with the elaborate Family Tree I have been able to reconstruct.
    Appreciate your effort.

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