Map of Calicut 1572


I have uncolored and fair to poor condition of this map. There are two Indian cities depicted here, Calicut and Canonor. Really love this map.

Would I like to replace my poor copy with a better one? Absolutely not. I like it when the map shows real wear and tare from real people.

Striking group of 4 city views, illustrating a trip from Africa to the trading regions of East, from Braun & Hogenberg’s Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the most famous and influential book of town plans published in the 16th Century.

The top view shows the important 16th Century Indian trading center Calecut, near Madras, which was then an important Portugese trading post, at a time when the Portugese made a fortune from trade with the East. The shows the town rising out of a jungle of palm trees. An elephant with a mahout is watching while boats are constructed on the beach, and Asian and European vessels just offshore are shown in some detail. Beneath the view of Calecut are smaller views of Ormuz at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, Canonor in India, and the Portuguese fortress of El Mina in West Africa.

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One Response to “Map of Calicut 1572”

  1. David williams says:

    I have this map in black and white. The condition is very good. What is it’s value? Thanks dave

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