DE JODE, G. from 1593 – I bid on this map but didn’t get it


I realy wanted o get this map, I put a meek bid on it, but I knew I wasn’t gonna get it.

Dear Jode Map, You are beautiful You are beutiful,, its true… but I’ll never be with you…

Engraved by Lucas and Jan van Doeticum in 1566, this example from the “Speculum Orbis Terrae” published 1593.
Five years after Gastaldi’s prototype, De Jode follows the great Venetian cartographer and acknowledging him in the titular cartouche.
Including India, Malacca, and the coast along Cochin to China. The map does not depict Japan, nor Korea and names the sea “Mare de Mangi” an old variant for the Sea between Korea and Japan.
Including “Porto de Zaiton”. Zaiton was founded in 700, the port-city was given its present name in 711 from the nearby Quánshan ‘Spring Mountain’ where there was a well-known spring from quán ‘spring’.
Zaiton is generally thought to be modern Quanzhou.
The English word ‘satin’ comes from Zaiton which was a port of great importance during the Song and Yuan dynasties (960–1368).

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One Response to “DE JODE, G. from 1593 – I bid on this map but didn’t get it”

  1. Gopal Nair says:


    wonderful information on maps on India. i too collect maps on India (specifically Bombay 1672-1890′s) and i do have a decent collection.



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