Narsinga et Ceylon – map of Shrilanaka from 1609


This is a miniature map, and I find it kind of hard to get excited about a miniature maps. But it is an interesting map for sure. It shows way too many islands on the coast line. I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

Amsterdam, c.1609. 90 x 125.
Uncoloured; A fine miniature map of Southern India and Ceylon, possibly engraved by Petrus Kaerius and probably published in the ‘Map Treasury’. Latin text on verso.


South India : bellin 1752


Southern India
Bellin, Nicolaus

Fortsetzung der Karte von Indostan II. Blatt, welche die Halb-Insel in sich begreift. Zur allgemeinen Geschichte der Reisen.

Leipzig, Merkur 1758 [22 x 24,5 cm]
Copper engraving, uncolored as published. Decorative map of Southern India with the neighboring Sri Lanka (Ceylon). With many engraved place names, rivers and mountains. Below the title a small mileage scale. Detailled and interesting map engraved by Bellin after earlier voyages.

I think I have this map, but certainly not with this cartouche. I would have remembered it.



NagaPatam :Nagapattinam antique map bird’s eye view 1744


Early on I realized that I enjoyed the maps a lot more if I had some personal connection with the place. So very often I would encounter detailed map of a city, but I would pass on it because I didn’t feel connected to it.

Antique map (copper engraving) of a bird’s-eye view of Nagapattinam, India from Churchill’s ‘A Collection of Voyages and Travels, some now first printed from original manuscripts others now first printed in English’, printed in 1744 for Henry Lintot and John Osborn, London. (first edition was in 1672)

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