Malham India map from 1804 -


I was offered this map, but passed on it. The only reason it was probably interesting is that it is from Boston. I would prefer to get the 1795 edition that was pritned in London.

I have another Indian map from Boston, so this is not critical

Colored. Very attractive small chart from Malham’s original London edition of 1795 shows the coasts of southern India and Ceylon from the Gulfs of Kutch and Cambay to Bombay and Cape Comorin on the west coast, and from Bengal and the mouths of the Ganges south to the Coromandel coast, Madura and the Gulf of Manar on the east coast. A decorative & colorful compass rose with fleur de lys & radiating rhumb lines appears in the Bay of Bengal & another in the Indian Ocean. A finely engraved and decorative chart.



Tallis map of India 1851 – overland routes to India


Tallis maps from 1850′s were very interesting. It gives you a sense of place, a sense of geography and a sense of images from the place.

Like the one above, it has the map, it has the color coded overland routes to India and is adorned with little vignette of the images and those little camels and lions are just so adorable.

Overland Route to India.
London, John Tallis & Company, 1851-. 340 x 250.
Original outline colour; very light marginal age-toning and light soiling, otherwise a fine example.
Two maps on one sheet, the top one shows Europe and the bottom shows Arabia, Persia and India. Various routes are shown and one vignette shows a Camel Mail Train crossing the desert, there are also views of Madras, Bombay, Aden, Gibraltar, Malta and the Post Office, London.



Mumbai – Bombay from 1893


I have much much better map of Mumbai/Bombay from this time frame. In fact it is one of my most favorite maps in my collection. It is made from the same plate but was published by a hotel in Bombay. I’ll post it one of these days.

But this is a delightful map. A map of a city that has grown by leaps and bound is always interesting to see and this one is a prime example of it.

Here is a contemporary map of Bombay by a cartographer named Google, you might have heard of him!


I have lined up Cross Island at approximately the same place for easy comparison.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the water is a lot bluer in 2011 compared to 1893.. just kidding.

Things have changed a lot from 1893 to 2011, but if you compare these maps, you’ll see that things have also remained the same during that time.

I also have one of the earliest images of Bombay Stock Exchange, I think it is from 1874 or close to it.

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