Cambaye Orissa Delli Decan.- 16th century


I’d love to read and decipher the latin text description here. Interesting how one of the important cities from that time is Cambaye! I think the glory of Cambey, khambhat is under appreciated.

Title: [16th Century woodblock map of India] Cambaye Orissa Delli Decan.
Author: HONTER, Johannes.
Description: Published in Honter’s ‘CosmographiƦ rudimentis’, the map is surrounded by a Latin text description.
Dimensions: Woodcut, printed area 120 x 155, set in text.
Technique: Woodcut,

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One Response to “Cambaye Orissa Delli Decan.- 16th century”

  1. Sunil Baboo says:


    Chanced to see your site while checking on 16th century maps of India.

    Am also a collector of India maps and colonial documents. Am based in Bangalore, and often buy from people across the globe.

    I would be delighted if you would reply, and I could discuss more.

    Best regards,

    Sunil Baboo

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